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In one sentence:

House Hunter Hungary will hunt down and get the property you want in Hungary.

If the above statement is explanatory enough for you, simply click the button below to submit your property requirements and we’ll get hunting.

If you’re not sure how Property Hunting Service, Property Shopper, Property Tour, or our Post Purchase services work then please read on about our property hunting services in detail…

Property Hunting Services

Our Property Hunting Services is the "Full Monty". It consists of 6 steps starting with receiving your property requirements, through property inspection and report, all the way to completion of property purchase.

Property Shopper Services

We'll become your Personal Property Shopper. You point out the property that you like and we'll inspect, report, negotiate on your behalf. All that's left for you is to decide, purchase, and enjoy your new property.

Property Tour Services

We'll be your Personal Property Tour Guide. You choose the properties that you want to visit and we'll take you there. We accompany you at the visit, provide you with our expert opinion, and help you with negotiations.

Post Purchase Services

You can count on us even after you've purchased your property in Hungary. We know how hard it is to get around in a foreign country without any help because we've been there. Check out our post purchase services.

Property Hunting Services

Here is how it goes:

Step 1

Analysis & Validation of your property project

We identify your needs and analyze the criteria of the property you wish to acquire:
You fill in the property criteria form which we analyze and validate the feasibility of your project according to your expectations and to the reality of the real estate market.

Step 2

Active research to find a matching property for you

We search through our network of real estate professionals and all available channels to identify the most interesting assets and present you only the properties that best fit your needs, through:

  • real estate agencies
  • individual property owners
  • property managers
  • developers
  • internet
  • lawyers
  • bank assets

We access the entire market, including the properties that are not yet published.

Step 3

Preparation of a Post visit Report

We prepare a comprehensive report of the properties we have previously selected and visited, providing accurate information:

  • detailed description of the property
  • photos
  • layout / floor plans
  • neighborhood information
  • area average price

Once you select the property that interest you the most, we set a date and we coordinate the visits with all concerned parties.

Step 4

Offer Presentation and Negotiation

Using our expertise and experience in the real estate market, we present an offer and negotiate on your behalf to get the best conditions and selling price possible.

Thanks to our local knowledge of the real estate market and to our bargaining power, generally we can save between 5% and 15% of the asking price.

Step 5

Legal and Technical Preparation of Exchange Contract

Our main objective is to avoid you any possible surprises and ensure you a purchase without any risks or concerns.

We prepare a technical report to assess the current condition of the property and we check with our lawyer and architect that all the documentation is correct:

  • Check the Land registry to verify ownership
  • Check if the property is free from all encumbrances
  • Check for any possible obstacles of sale
Step 6

We Accompany You to the Place of Contract

Generally we use our own lawyer to draw up the contract to make sure it’s legal and your interests are fully backed up.

In other case our lawyer checks  all documents to make sure the contract meets and defends your interests.

Property Shopper Services

The personal property shopper service is ideal for you if you want to take control of your property search but don’t have the time to check your chosen property yourself.

All you have to do is to send the address of the property and the contact details of the agent or owner. We’ll make the appointment with them, thoroughly inspect the property and send you a full report with images.

Upon receiving our report you can decide if you’re still interested in the property and take things from there.

Property Tour Services

Property Tour Service is ideal if you want to take full control and view all properties of interest yourself. We’ll back you up with providing transport and our companion. Basically we’ll transport and accompany you to your property visits, provide you with expert advice, and help you with negotiations to get the best possible deal.

Organization of Viewings

Our work starts before you actually arrive. You provide us with the details of your chosen properties, your preferred date of arrival and staying period, and we’ll organize your property viewings with owners and/or agents accordingly.

Pick Up & Transport

We’ll pick you up on the day of your arrival from airport, train station, or your hotel if you’re already in the country. We’ll transport you to the addresses of properties that you would like to visit taking the most practical route according to previously organized visit timetable.

Inspection Attendance

We’ll accompany you at the property visit and help you to inspect the property in a professional manner to point out any possible technical problems that you may not notice yourself.


We’ll help you negotiate with the owner or agent to make sure that you get the best possible purchase deal. This could come especially handy if you don’t speak the same language with the owner. In addition being property professionals, we know how much the particular property worth so we’ll make sure that you’re not over charged.

Legal Backup

If you decide to purchase a property during your visit we’ll organize the completion. We’ll get our solicitor to draw up the contract and we’ll accompany you at the place of contract to make sure that everything goes as it should on the legal side.

Drop Off

Whether you purchase a property or not, we’ll drop you off at your hotel, train station or airport at the end of your visit.

Post Purchase Services

Home Security

We can search for a reputable security company in your area who will provide you security services like connected or just an installed burglar alarm system hardware.

Home insurance

We can connect you with a home insurance specialist who will make sure that you get the best possible service for the best possible value on the market.

General Maintenance & Gardening

We can organize general maintenance for your house and garden. This service could come extremely handy if your property is used as a holiday home. The maintenance company will make sure that your house is always in the best possible condition and is properly winterized.

During the summer months the gardener will keep your yard in order and pleasant looking. All you have to do is to enjoy the sun with your family or friends. A gardener will come especially handy if you have some lovely fruit trees in your garden (most properties have in Hungary) but you don’t have the time or knowledge to take care of them. 

Cleaning & Housekeeping

Whether you live in your Hungarian property full time or use it as a holiday home, your house will need cleaning. If you don’t want to deal with this hassle we can help you.

Depending on your location, we can organize a trustworthy local cleaning or housekeeping company to take care of all your needs in this matter.

Building Contractors

Now, this could be a challenging task. The building business in Hungary is currently really booming and it’s near impossible to get reliable builders to do some work on your property without some good contacts.

We have a good relationship with some reliable building companies but even we cannot guarantee to help you with this. Try us anyway, you have nothing to lose.

Any other help

If you have any other issues with your Hungarian property don’t hesitate to ask us if we can help.

Being in the property business for so long we believe we know it all. There is hardly anything that we would not be able to help with or at least give you a professional advice when it comes to properties in Hungary.

So if you have any other issues with your Hungarian property don’t be shy to ask us if we can help.

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions as there is a lot of information relating our company, service, and about how to buy a property in Hungary.