We believe in Transparency

We believe in clear and honest business conduct. You will not find hidden prices or “smallprints” when you present us with your trust but surely you will get the most professional service possible in exchange. Please see fees of House Hunter Hungary property related services below:

Listed prices are exclusive of VAT.

Property Hunting Service

For Property Hunting Service there are no upfront fees. We work on a success fee bases and the rates are as follows:

If the property purchase price less than € 35,000.00, our success fee is a fix amount of €1250.00.

If the property purchase price exceeds € 35,000.00, our success fee is 4% of the purchase price.

Success fees are payable at the time of completion, i.e. signing of exchange contract.

Property Shopper Service

Fees for our Property Shopper Service will depend on the location of the property in question and the service options you choose:

Property inspection – € 40.00/hour

Photos (digital) – € 20.00/property

Property measurement – € 25.00/property

Property measurement plan – € 50.00/property

Traveling costs:

Zone 1 – € 30.00

Zone 2 – € 60.00

Zone 3 – € 90.00

Zone 4 – € 120.00

Property Tour Service

For Property Tour service our fees are simple:

If you book at least one day of Property Tour Service the organization of viewings is free of charge.

Transport with inspection attendance – € 200.00/day 
Fuel expenses – € 0.1/km

Optional extras:

Multi-day trips – In case of a multi-day property tour if we travel too far and want to continue the next day where we left off, if it’s more economical we may suggest to stay in a hotel overnight instead of returning back to the “base”. In such case accommodation costs of the driver are payable by the client.

Inspection documentation – If you would like us to make a written inspection report of the properties that we view together, then please refer to Property Shopper Service fees above, which details the property report items.

Post Purchase Services

These are the tricky ones, it's simple impossible to provide you with a set price as post purchase services are provided by third party companies which are mostly local to your property.

One thing is sure though, we won't charge you anything for making inquiries on your behalf. After that the charge will depend on whether you want us to manage the service for you or you deal with the company directly.

In any case the charges will be presented to you in a clear manner in advance and with no any obligation on your side. To check out what Post Purchase Services we can help you with, navigate to our Services page or simply click the button below.